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Self Defense Training



Today, true self-defense training is more necessary than it's ever been before. But in the age of McDojo's, and become a-black-belt-in-a-year programs, true self-defense training is getting much harder to find.

In 2023, the highest-grossing black market business is not drug or weapons trafficking.

IT IS THE TRAFFICKING OF HUMANS and it can happen in many ways.

Anyone can be targeted, but some are more vulnerable than others. Poverty, drug abuse, homelessness, ethnicity, etc. You can be vulnerable to exploitation and targeted simply because of your shopping habits.

The only option you have when you become a target is to neutralize the threat. If you do not have the proper skill set, hidden weapons, or the right state of mind, your chances of becoming a victim are increased greatly.

This is about cutting through the bulls*** and empowering women, men, and families to protect themselves.


Become the weapon.
Protect yourself & the ones you love
when there
are no rules.

My name is Joe Affholter (Co-founder of Tirza Design) and have been training in martial arts for 26 years. My background is not one that was primarily forged in dojo, though that is where I obtained my foundation. After years of training in a dojo, I ended up finding out the nature of true violence in street fights, fights at parties, fights with drug addicts, fights with the police, all of which, I came out still breathing and on top, except, obviously, the time where I fought multiple police officers. I put those days behind me and ended up doing security for a food pantry/rehab program in a neighborhood that was considered to be one of the most violent in Kansas City, MO, at the time of my tenure there.


It was there where my skills were tested almost on a daily basis. I dealt with people threatening to kill me, with multiple attackers, single attackers, attackers with weapons, domestic violence situations, and the list goes on. All through these situations, I was either able to diffuse them either through redirection, diplomacy, or through explosive bursts of violence of action. I do not have military or law enforcement experience. My experience comes from an environment that had no rules, where, when things happened, law enforcement would only show after the bodies were cold. This is the reality of survival, nobody will save you. You must become the weapon.

Functional Self Defense:

Functional self defense is NOT MMA training, it is not a traditional system of belts or for the confines of a ring, this is about learning how to maximize your chances of survival in situations where the 'rules' don't apply. It is about training a series of techniques and a states of mind that, if applied properly (ie, force, speed, timing...etc), can defeat/diffuse a situation with an aggressor in a life-threatening situation. I teach lethal knife techniques, vicious and easy-to-learn/train hand to hand techniques, and a couple of simple ways to deal with an aggressor with a firearm in close quarters.


My approach is to teach explosive violence of action that will work rapidly to diffuse the fluid chaos of a violent situation, though, in most situations, the best form of self defense is awareness and avoidance. There are no rules in a violent encounter, consistent training is what gives you a sharper edge than your aggressor. YOU ARE THE WEAPON, and like any proper weapon maintenance, you need to stay sharp and continuously hone your edge and stay oiled.

single session

$135 hourly.

  • 1 x 1: development for men only. 

  • 2 x 2: for couples and women. 

Location: Private studio located on Main Street, Grandview.

(Next to Housewife Cafe & Bistro.)

What you can expect:

-Basic hand to hand techniques and counters & how to practice effectively on your own.

-Fundamentals of knife fighting and firearm disarm.

-Fitness assessments and Q&A. 

Monthly session

$175 month. 

4 classes monthly |1-4 people max.

$25 per additional person.

  • Unarmed combatives only.

  • $100 additional for weapons training.

  • Kids classes included!

Location: Private studio located on Main Street, Grandview. 

What you can expect:

-Basic hand to hand techniques

& fundamentals .

-Overall fitness: Cardio and plyometric development to increase the effectiveness of your martial ability.

Kids & Teens session

$55 per class | or

$175 monthly + 4 classes.

  • Ages 5-10 & Teens 11-17.

  • Great for physical activity, self-discipline, and mentorship. 

Location: Private studio located on Main Street, Grandview.

What you can expect:

-Basic hand to hand techniques and counters & how to practice effectively on your own.

- Limited space, small classes.

-Fitness assessments and Q&A. 

Group session

$500 - 2 hr group training

10 people max.

$50 per additional person.

10% off 20 or more.

Location: Travel or private gym facility in Pleasant Hill, MO.

What you can expect:

-Primary focus on the basic essentials of both unarmed combat and knife fighting.

-Great for churches, large family units, small groups, & businesses.

*Classes start July 26th!*

The schedule will be updated in August for back-to-school evening classes.

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