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We firmly believe that economic independence and education are the keys to overcoming adversity, and we're committed to continue to make a difference in the lives of survivors locally & internationally.

We're burdened to help our friends caught in the conflict in Israel & Palestine. 

We understand that war begets refugees and refugees are vulnerable to human trafficking.


Therefore we are bringing TIRZA to the crisis.

Sowing towards our goal of providing job opportunities and organizing workshops for survivors is pivotal, during this time. Along with crisis response to meet their basic needs, we know there will be inevitable desperation for ongoing provision beyond the initial aid. By donating, you are enabling us to equip survivors with essential skills and knowledge, empowering them to rebuild their lives and find stability in their new communities.

Some from our team that we have trained over the years with job skills and entrepreneurship, are going to turn around and now help lead these workshops for other survivors in the region!

We're encouraged to bring new products from the work of their hands that bring hope in the middle of war.

Join us on our mission to take Tirza internationally.

More updates to come.


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