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Life After Sex Trafficking.

Life after surviving sex trafficking can be categorized by three stages: resume,

recovery, and reintegration. The first stage receives the most attention, but failure to

focus on the latter two stages as much as the first will often result in a rescued survivor

becoming a returned victim. This is because on average, a survivor returns to their

trafficker 7 times after first escaping. Taking all three steps in the aftercare process

seriously can be the difference in how many times and for how long a survivor reenters

sex slavery.

Once a victim is rescued, the second phase should begin almost immediately,

even if in a very mild form. The second phase is recovery. The focus is to recover those

basic human needs which cannot be obtained while in a state of severe bondage and

survival, as well as to recover from all of the trauma endured. This is done through

therapy, a safe and stable housing arrangement, and a patient and knowledgeable

support system who will work to help establish a sense of normalcy and trust. Attaining

and maintaining mental and emotional health is at the core of the recovery stage.

Following recovery is the reintegration stage, this step is most crucial to keep

survivors as survivors. Reintegrating involves furthering education (whether that be

obtaining their GED or beginning higher education), landing a job that can meet their

needs, and establishing permanent housing. There is a clear link between poverty, lack

of resources, and sex trafficking. One of the greatest safeguards for preventing entering

and combating returning to the sex trafficking industry is self sufficiency. Someone with

a stable job and safe housing is far less vulnerable to the tricks and charms of a

perpetrator. Attaining and sustaining independence is key.

Dahlia’s Hope and Restoration House KC is an organization we are in partnership with that offers complete aftercare for survivors of sex trafficking. They serve to meet each survivor of sex

trafficking where they are in their unique healing journey. Survivors are able to be

assessed and given resources in each area of their lives including employment,

housing, therapy, and medical attention. Twenty percent of proceeds from every

purchase of the Valor (dark) tassel earrings goes to supporting the mission of Dahlia’s

Hope in providing excellent and thorough aftercare. As well as our ReHope tassel earrings, 20% of proceeds from this design goes to Restoration House KC and their efforts towards complete and holistic healing for survivors. We have had the honor of serving and visiting Restoration House and are proud to be a witness to their incredible work on behalf of the women there.

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