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Taking charge of technology.

The very thing that makes technology great is the same thing that makes it a dangerous place: you can connect with anyone; that may be a long lost friend but it could also be a predator. Nowadays most kids and teenagers use personal phones and laptops throughout the day, there are many apps available to help parents keep their children safe while still providing their child with a sense of privacy.

With the use of artificial intelligence, parental control apps have become quite advanced. Nearly all of them manage screen time, block mature content, include a real time gps tracker, monitor texts and social media use, and immediately alert the parent of any potentially concerning phone activity.

Listed below are three parental monitoring apps with all of the above mentioned features, along with a feature or specific focus that makes each one unique.


Bark was created alongside child psychologists, youth advisors, digital media experts, and law enforcement professionals and specializes in recognizing the presence of cyberbullying. When a potential issue is detected, Bark will send an automatic alert along with expert recommendations from the professional collaborators on how to best resolve or tend to the concern at hand.

Net Nanny

Net Nanny is a parental control app that is leading the way in contextual content filtering. What this means is that searching a chicken breast recipe or looking up breast cancer fundraisers will not be blocked along with any breast references made in regards to mature adult content. This allows for a much more accurate filtering of phone activity and therefore more accurate reports and alerts sent to the parents.


Qustodio is available on Androids and iphones, but has several more features for Android users. The most prominent feature being an SOS button on the child’s smartphone that will send location-based alerts to the parent phone if the child is in immediate danger.

It is important to remember that while parental monitoring apps are an incredibly helpful tool, they will never take the place of meaningful relationships and intentional conversation between parents and children. For more help and resources on how to talk to your kids about the dangers of sex trafficking and how to stay safe, check out (instagram:consentparenting).

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